Can You Cook With Unflavored Protein Powder?

Pancakes, peanut butter balls, coffee, milkshakes, crepes, dip, cheesecakes, fudges, muffins.

Doesn’t exactly sound like the meal plan of a bodybuilder or a slim, sexy fitness model does it?

However just because everybody tells you that scoffing nothing but chicken, green veg and water is necessary, it doesn’t mean they are right.

One of the fun things about losing body fat and sculpting an incredible physique is enjoying new and exciting foods. We all love eating, and eating becomes something that you really look forward to when you are being creative with it.

Cooking for weight loss and muscle building using protein powder, is like the strings are to a guitar.

Instead of having to live on “normal” weight loss foods, the people who get the best results are the ones who make eating interesting and fun.

The hardest part about losing weight is eating too much junk foods or treat foods and snacks, so if you can use unflavored protein powder to make healthy, delicious foods – you are guaranteeing your own success.

Most of us slip up and eat a few slices of cake or fudge and think we are doomed to eternal muffin-tops, but here are some ways to cook with unflavored protein powder:

  • Mix a scoop or two with some eggs in a frying pan with butter or oil for protein packed pancakes
  • Mix protein powder with peanut butter and make it into small balls. Keep in the fridge for a healthy snack any time
  • Mix together a cup of oats, two bananas and a couple of scoops of protein powder. Make into biscuit shapes and cook for 20 mins on a medium heat for some seriously tasty and muscle building cookies
  • Whip together 2 scoops of protein powder with cottage chesse and a topping of your choice – homemade cheesecake!
  • Add it to hot chocolates, teas and coffees for a protein hit at any time of the day that tastes incredible

There are literally thousands of recipes online that involve nothing more than a scoop or two of unflavored protein powder and normal household foods. When you can make delicious, fast snacks that are really good for you – weight loss comes easy.

You probably know that diet is the number one reason why most people will never be in great shape. Tasty treats and junk foods are just so easy and cheap in supermarkets and corner stores.

However you don’t have to let your diet turn into the boring asparagus, boiled chicken and rice style though.

Grab yourself some unflavored protein powder and do yourself a favor by making your weight loss meals taste great.

Duck into the store on the way home and get some eggs, cottage cheese, milk, a bit of fruit and add your protein powder to these for a serious hit of protein and a delicious snack that makes you feel satisfied.

To be honest, most of us have these sorts of food at home anyway, you just need the protein powder to make the experience complete and get that oven working overtime!

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