Does Unflavored Protein Powder REALLY Have No flavor?

One of the biggest trends in the supplement and nutrition market at the moment is unflavored protein powder. If you are reading this, then you know what I’m talking about. People are discovering that flavored protein powders have far more additives, sweeteners and flavors in them and are packed full of fattening calories.

So naturally, now that unflavored protein powders are so available, everyone wants to know – does unflavored protein powder really have no flavor?

Well, obviously it tastes like something…

The truth is that even though it is unflavored, most people buy unflavored protein powder because they want to add their own natural flavors to it. They want to know exactly what is in their shakes, instead of ingesting a whole lot of nasty artificial flavors and sweeteners.

However unflavored protein powder straight from the jar does have a taste.

It tastes kind of creamy. Some people claim that it has a “dairy” kind of taste, but the truth is that there are so many different types that none of them will taste exactly the same.

It isn’t a bad taste, but just a milky, creamy sort of taste that most unflavored protein powders consist of.

In saying that, there are so many different types of proteins such as concentrates, isolates, egg protein, milk protein, soy, rice, almond etc etc. All of them can come flavored or unflavored, and all of them will taste vastly different.

Just because you buy unflavored protein powder doesn’t mean you have to drink it flavorless though!

Most people who buy protein powder will have it in a shake either pre or post workout, and sometimes as meal replacements.

Most of the people who buy unflavored protein powder also don’t want to buy a big tub of it and be stuck with only one flavor!

This can get boring and monotonous and make drinking your shakes a chore.

This is one of the reasons that unflavored protein powder is becoming such a big hit.

One day you could decide to have bananas, milk and cocoa with your protein powder to make a delicious, nutritious shake.

The next day you might choose to have berries, yoghurt and hazelnuts with your shake.

You can truly do anything you want with unflavored protein powder and it leaves you free to make some deliciously flavored shakes, and change the flavor every time if you wish.

It is true that some people just enjoy the taste of unflavored protein powder, but one of the biggest benefits is the lack of fattening calories and sweeteners that come in the flavored powders.

Being able to chose your own flavors and ingredients gives you the ultimate control over exactly what is going into your own body. If you are wanting to lose weight, you will be wanting to limit the amount of nasty calorie filled foods you are eating. If you are aiming to bulk up, you will want to ensure that the only calories you get are raw protein, quality carbs and some healthy fats – not sugars and sweeteners.

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