Facts About Unflavored Protein Powder

Unflavored protein powder is one of the main tools for fat loss, muscle gaining and looking incredible in your bare essentials. Some of the high profile fitness models and bodybuilders today rely on unflavored protein powder to aid recovery after their workouts and to consume as meal replacements during the day.

Unflavored protein powder shakes are incredibly useful for busy people as a meal replacement. They make you feel full, satisfied and taste incredible. More importantly however they contain complete proteins to help your muscles grow and to melt off the body fat.

What are some other interesting facts about unflavored protein powder?

Well, let’s take a look at our favorite unflavored protein powder – the BeachBody HardCore Base Shake and see what sort of facts we have about it.

1. A Blend Of Proteins.

Beachbody Hardcore has a blend of whey protein concentrate (WPC) and whey protein isolate (WPI). This makes it a combination of fast release and slow release protein. The reason you would want a combination protein is mainly so that your muscles get a bulk hit of protein straight after your workout, and then a drip feed of protein over the next few hours.

This makes the Beachbody Hardcore a great protein shake to have at any time of the day, but especially so at night time as it will drop feed your muscles with the protein they need over the night.

2. Most Calories Are Protein

Some shakes are packed full of carbs and can be almost half carbs and half protein! You don’t want a carb shake! Carbs are cheap and easy to come by such as sweet potatoes, rice and pasta. When you buy protein powder, you expect it to be packed with protein. This particular powder has 18g of protein per serving which is the powerful punch your muscles will need after a kiler workout.

The great part about Beachbody Hardcore is that only 1g per serving is from fat, which is incredibly low for a first class quality protein source.

3. Low Calories Per Serve

Unflavored protein powders such as the Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake are notoriously low in calories per serve. This is great for anybody who wants to drop body fat while also building a lean, sexy, sculpted body. At only 120 calories per serving, you could use these as meal replacements and get some serious results quickly.

4. Digestive Enzymes Limit Bloating And Gas

The ugly side of protein powder is that it has been known to give some consumers gas or bloating. Fortunately these problems in protein powder have been ironed out by some creative food scientists. Digestive enzymes in the Beachbody powder don’t give you bloating or gas commonly associated with other protein powders.

Some other important things to note about unflavored protein powder are:

It is used by SERIOUS athletes and competitors. This is where the big boys come to get their protein source because they know how important it is.

It is free from evil artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and all of those other nasties that are keeping you out of shape.

It can taste incredible just in milk or in a shake, but you can also cook it into muffins, pancakes, fudges, biscuits and many more delicious foods.

Unflavored protein powder is truly a blessing if you are wanting to cut weight or build muscle as fast as possible. Grab your supply from our Products section now!

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