Flavored vs. Unflavored Protein Powders

This is a debate that bodybuilders, weight loss gurus and other groups of enthusiasts have been waging for decades.

The simply truth is that there isn’t a winner – unless you are asking a simple question.

If you ask “Is unflavored protein powder lower in sugars and carbs than flavored?”, then the answer would be a resounding YES!

If you asked “Are unflavored protein powders better for weight loss, muscle building and protein absorption?”, then YES you would be correct!

There are a few categories which are commonly contested between flavored and unflavored protein powders, so let’s take a look.


Unflavored protein powders often win this battle hands down. The same reason that flavored milk is more expensive than plain milk is at play here – something extra has to be added to the mix. Chocolate protein powder does not come from a special “chocolate protein powder factory”.

All protein powder is made from the byproducts of cheese and milk.

So obviously, to make banana or chocolate protein powder, some extra flavoring, coloring and sweeteners have to be added. This normally results in flavored protein powder being more expensive.


Unflavored protein powders win this competition easily as well. The less sugars, colors and additives a product has – the better it is for you. Take for example potatoes.

When they are fresh out of the ground they are healthy and a great addition to your diet.

However if you fry them up in lots of oil and butter, then they are less health for you. Then if you buy them as pre-made chips from the freezer at your local store, they are even more unhealthy for you. Finally, if you purchase potato chips, they are awfully unhealthy.

Unflavored protein is in it’s optimal state, whereas flavored protein powder is altered and has been tainted by additives, colors and sweeteners.


This is often where flavored protein powder wins. However nobody eats protein powder alone. It is always taken with something, whether it is with milk, or in a shake or baked into foods.

For this reason, unflavored protein powder can again come out the victor again. Unflavored protein powder can be used in many different types of recipes and shakes to create a delicious and extremely healthy protein serving. You can make your own crazy concoctions just like ice cream makers do!


Buying unflavored protein is a no-brainer. It has all of the health benefits, the price is cheaper and it can taste even better than flavored powder when you combine it with other foods.

If you are serious about losing weight or building muscle,unflavored protein powder is the key you need.

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