Is Unflavored Whey Protein Better Than Vanilla Whey Protein?

Whey protein is one of the most easily absorbed proteins.

The way that a protein is judged as to how easily it is absorbed is by it’s “bio-availability”. This is what percentage of the protein is absorbed into the body.

For an example, foods that are not considered part of the protein family, but still have some protein in them, have far less bio-availability. Beans, potatoes, nuts and wheat all have a comparatively low percentage.

On the other hand, foods that are in the protein family have a very high bio-availability. Foods such as fish, chicken and milk have close to 90% bio-availability.

Where does whey protein powder stand on the chart?

Over 100%.

How is this possible?

Well, some whey protein powders are “pre-digested”, making them over 100% used.

This is why whey protein powder is SO popular among bodybuilders, fitness models and other athletes. It is more effective than chicken. This is one of the reasons why science is so important in the weight loss and muscle building scene – without this sort of discovery you wouldn’t have the advantage you now do.

Of course it is necessary to eat real protein based foods as the main source of your diet, but having a post workout shake with whey protein powder is necessary for this reason. It helps your muscles recover faster and better than any normal food can.

So what about unflavored protein powder vs vanilla whey protein?

Well, the bioavailability of a nutrient goes down the more it is tainted with other ingredients, food groups and impurities.

Although there is no conclusive scientific research we have found on this – it stands to reason that unflavored protein powder has a higher bioavailability than flavored due to it’s more pure status.

Although this is open for debate, there is one thing that CAN be judged.

Unflavored protein powder is far better for weight loss due to having less calories from carbohydrates and fats, and more calories from protein. If you really love vanilla then you can squeeze a drop or two of vanilla extract into your unflavored protein powder for a delicious, yet healthy protein serving.

It is also better for muscle building due to the lack of impurities, artificial ingredients and sugars that can impede muscle growth and add unwanted body fats.

There are many other grounds that could be battled such as price, availability, taste, recipes and more, but the main thing to realize is this:

If you want the healthiest, best protein powder – choose an unflavored one.

It is like asking if flavored milk is better for you than unflavored, normal cows milk. Of course it’s not! Chocolate or banana milk is full of superfluous sugars and additives that will only make you put on weight.

Flavored protein powder wins some of the time on the “taste” battlefield – but this is easily overcome. Most users of unflavored protein powders add cocoa, fruits, vegetables, spices or nuts to their shakes and recipes to make them taste incredible, and help their weight loss efforts at the same time.

After thinking about it – what do you think?

Time for a dose of unflavored protein powder and another step towards a lean, sexy, perfect body.

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