Garden of Life RAW Protein

Garden of Life RAW Protein
Garden of Life RAW Protein

RAW in a ROW.

RAW Protein from Garden of Life is a raw, vegan, plant-based, USDA Certified Organic protein formula. A complete source of protein from 13 RAW and organic sprouts, RAW Protein gives you everything you want – and more – in a unflavored protein powder. It is packed with 17 grams of undenatured protein, fat soluble vitamins, protein-digesting enzymes, and live probiotics. RAW Protein is a complete protein. This unflavored Raw Protein helps increase the protein content of meals – just add to food or beverages – and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

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Garden of Life RAW Protein Ingredients:

  • Brewer’s yeast ( saccharomyces cerevisiae)
  • Lactobacillus Bulgaricus (fermented)Soy

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Level Scoop (22 g)
Servings Per Container: 28
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Calories 80
    Calories from Fat 10
Total Fat  1 g 1.5%
    Trans Fat 0 g **
Sodium  10 mg <1%
Potassium  10 mg <1%
Total Carbohydrate  3 g 1%
    Dietary Fiber 3 g 12%
    Sugars <1 g **
Protein  18 g 35%
Vitamin A† 200 IU 4%
Vitamin D† 400 IU 100%
Vitamin E† Complex 5 IU 18%
(Alpha-tocopherol, Beta-tocotrienol, Gamma-tocotrienol, Delta-tocotrienol, Alpha-tocopherol, Beta-tocopherol, Gamma-tocopherol)
Vitamin K† (RAW MK-7) 5 mcg 6%
Organic RAW Sprout Blend 21,925 mg **
Organic Sprouted Brown Rice, Organic Amaranth Sprout, Organic Quinoa Sprout, Organic Millet Sprout, Organic Buckwheat Sprout, Organic Garbanzo Bean Sprout, Organic Kidney Bean Sprout, Organic Lentil Sprout, Organic Adzuki Bean Sprout, Organic Flax Seed Sprout, Organic Sunflower Seed Sprout, Organic Pumpkin Seed Sprout, Organic Chia Seed Sprout, Organic Sesame Seed Sprout
RAW Probiotic and Enzyme Blend 270 mg **
High Protein chlorella, Proteases, Bacillus subtilis

Why Buy Garden of Life RAW Protein ?

  • Helps build and repair muscle
  • Good for those on low carbohydrate diets
  • Good for those with gastrointestinal sensitivities to milk, whey, soy and other protein sources
  • Supports digestive health and function with live probiotics and protein-digesting enzymes
Price: $26.22Buy Now »
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