What Can You Do With Unflavored Protein Powder?

Unflavored protein powder is the perfect base for healthy snacks that can help you burn body fat and build lean muscle.

But what can you do with unflavored protein powder? Can you bake with it? Can you make a coffee with it? What about stuffing it into your dinner?

Well, depending on what you like you can do all of those and more with your powder.

Here are some of the tastiest things you can do with your unflavored protein powder:

Bake It Into Your Favorite Desserts

Do you love peanut butter balls? How about fudges? Biscuits of protein bars? Just combining simple ingredients such as peanut butter, eggs, protein powder, bananas, cocoa and a selection of nuts you can come up with some incredibly delicious desserts. Not only are they healthy and packed full of protein to help you lose weight faster, they are highly addictive, but in a good way!

One mega simple but healthy recipe is to mash together two bananas, one cup of oats and a serving or two of protein powder. Grease up an oven tray and make the mix into cookie shapes. Bake at a mid range temperature for between 15-20 min.

These cookies are healthy, delicious and a great protein hit that is completely guilt free.

Make Superb Smoothies

When you are on the run, late for work, dealing with children, working out or driving – you don’t have time for cooking or baking. You want a snack and you want it to be healthy. Smoothies that are milk and protein powder based give you a satisfied and “full” feeling without leaving you bloated. This is great to prevent you from stopping at the local cake shop or a fast food drive thru!

Some of the best and cheapest ways to make smoothies are to include ice, milk, nuts, bananas, cinnamon, cocoa, yogurt, fruit juices and eggs. Check your cupboards and don’t be afraid to try out new things with your smoothies.

Whip It Into Your Main Meals

If you have a big breakfast, you can stir in some protein powder with your oats, eggs, cereals, veggies or fruit juice. If you like to have a main meal in the evenings, mix in a serving of protein powder with your mashed potatoes, soup or broth. You can also use protein powder in with other foods but potatoes are a food that protein powder goes really well with.

You can really have your unflavored protein powder at any time of the day, and with any type of food, but it is always best to use it before and after your workouts, and at night before bed.

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