What Is The Best Time To Drink Unflavored Protein Powder?

Depending on what your goals are, there will be a different “best” time for everybody.

For example if you are trying to lose weight and you want to have a couple of meal replacement shakes during the day, it won’t really matter so much as a bodybuilder who wants a post workout shake.

Let’s take a look at a couple of different scenarios.

Scenario 1 – want to lose weight without doing any exercise.

Obviously this plan would work better with exercise, even just a small amount, but here goes:

If you are wanting to lose some weight but for some reason (injury, kids, huge work hours etc) you just don’t have the time for exercise – here is what you would do.

Realise that you need to decrease your calories, so ask yourself when are the times that you eat the most calories. Are you a sucker for chocolate blocks and movies late at night? Do you love going to Starbucks so you can gorge on those fudges on your company’s dime? Whenever you eat the most calories is the time that you should use a meal replacement shake.

I know for a fact that most people are more likely to eat junk food and sugary treats full of hundreds of useless calories late at night. Most humans have a finite tank of will power which diminishes throughout the day. By the time you have completed your day, all you want to do is eat sweets and relax.

This is when you would make a plan like this:

  • Meal 1 – Breakfast that is big, full of energy and healthy
  • Meal 2 – A medium sized healthy lunch
  • Meal 3 – A smaller dinner but with a shake
  • Meal 4 – Have another shake late at night if you need to cure the craving

When you eat larger meals during the day, you won’t feel as hungry during those evening hours.

Scenario 2 – wanting to build muscle and lose fat while exercising.

This is an easier scenario to tackle. If you do any sort of training whatsoever, you should always have a protein shake straight afterwards. This helps to give your muscles the fuel they need to recover which enables your muscles to grow stronger, faster. It also enables you to get back to the gym or the football field sooner, due to your muscles healing faster.

Serious athletes and “hard gainers” will want to drink another protein shake before bed. This gives your body the nutrients it needs to help your body to recover and build muscle when it is free to work on your body without disturbances – when you are asleep.

One thing to remember is this – most of the time you are NOT exercising or eating.

Most of the time you are doing other things.

If you get bored, you will naturally gravitate towards the kitchen or the coffee shop.

Staying focused in other areas of your life is the key to losing weight successfully.

Losing weight comes as a result of good habits.

If you get hungry, you need to stick to your plan and have your protein shake instead of running for the cake shop. You won’t get results if you don’t drink your protein shakes when you get hungry.

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