Which Unflavored Protein Powders Can Gastric Bypass Patients Use?

After you have had a gastric bypass, you will most likely be wanting unflavored protein powder to get the necessary amount of protein. Flavored protein powders contain a whole lot of additives, colors and artificial sweeteners that can cause you to put on wanted body fat. After a gastric bypass, this is the last thing you want.

Most gastric bypass patients will opt for unflavored protein powders for several reasons, but first – which ones are suitable for you?

If you have any allergies, you will want to take these into consideration when choosing an unflavored powder. There are two main types of protein, animal and plant, however for gastric bypass patients you will want to go for animal proteins. These have a higher protein count than plant based ones and are more complete proteins than plant alternatives.

Choosing an animal protein such as milk or egg protein powder that is unflavored is your best option.

Many patients can only have puree style food for the first week or so after their operation, and having unflavored protein powder allows you to make your own flavors each and every time so you don’t get sick of it.

After you have had a gastric bypass you will be wanting to eat food that tastes good, is healthy and not all the same. Many gastric bypass patients who buy flavored protein powders end up throwing it away or never using it because the same flavor every single time gets too monotonous. Flavors can also get in the way of other tastes when you want to mix it in with your cooking or baking.

You will also want an unflavored protein powder that mixes well so that you don’t get lumps in your shakes. Another thing to look out for is a low calorie per serving option.

One of our best selling unflavored protein powders, Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake is our “go to” protein powder when it comes to gastric bypass patients.

Although the name doesn’t really sound like a post-op shake, it works really well.

It is designed to help with strength building and weight loss, while aiding recovering and helping you to feel full. After a gastric bypass it can be frustrating not getting enough protein in your meals, because protein is the nutrient that makes you feel full.

Taking a serving of Beachbody a few times a day can help you to get the required amount of protein and will help your body recover.

Doctors advise that post-op you consume at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight, or at least half a gram per pound of body weight.

The Beachbody unflavored protein powder also mixes really well with liquids and foods, tastes very neutral and will deliver on the protein side of things. It contains 18 grams per serving, which along with your other food would mean just two or three servings a day can help the average person get all the protein they need.

Beachbody is also a great protein powder for people who are trying to lose weight and build muscle – so if this is your goal post-op, you can get started now.

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