Why Do You Want to Buy Unflavored Whey Protein Powder?

Why would anybody buy unflavored protein powder?

Why do people buy protein powder in general?

There are several extremely compelling reasons – let me share them with you now.

Reason 1 – Get Your Protein Hit

Many scientific journals and your local doctors will tell you that you don’t need much protein. Just as much as you get in the S.A.D (Standard American Diet), or wherever in the world you reside is enough they say. They will say it doesn’t matter if you don’t get enough protein.

Why is this? Why would they be telling you NOT to worry about your protein intake?

It is because they don’t know your goals!

For the average turkey who doesn’t care about how they look or feel, it doesn’t matter how much protein they get!

If you are wanting to become a powerlifter, a fitness model, a body builder or just look jolly good with or without clothes on – you are going to need to increase your protein intake in a big way. The reason for this is because protein helps to build up your muscles. If you don’t get enough protein, your muscles won’t grow or get stronger. Even if you just go for a jog at night time – the next day your muscles are going to be broken down the next day.

If you don’t consume enough protein to repair your muscles after you break them down exercising – they won’t be any stronger and you will constantly feel sore and tired.

Even if you just want to look slim and toned without adding any extra muscle, protein is essential, for the next reason.

Reason 2 – Protein Is Highly Thermic

When you drink a protein shake – your body burns approximately 1/3 of the calories it is made up of, just by digesting it! This is called the “Thermic Effect”. This helps your body to take in far less total calories, but you still feel full.

This is why bodybuilders eat HUGE amounts of protein, even when they are dieting down to really low body fat percentages. They eat almost nothing but chicken, fish, eggs, protein shakes and protein bars.

Now, why would you choose UNFLAVORED over flavored protein powder?

Well, here are some reasons:

  • It is cheaper
  • It doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners and colors
  • It is higher in protein than flavored
  • It doesn’t contain so many carbs
  • It is lower in calories
  • It is more natural
  • You can add your own flavor – so every time you have enjoy a “new” protein flavor
  • It goes well with baking and cooking
  • There are hundreds of ways to enjoy it with just one or two other ingredients

As you can see – the battle is already won!

Unflavored protein powder will help you lose weight fast, while also helping you to build muscle if that is your goal.

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